Monday, December 14, 2009

Something about Gentlemen something for the ladies..

Something about Gentlemen – or something for the Ladies

Some know how to wag a tail – others don’t.
That’s how Mother Nature has equipped us.
Many wise men proclaim: “It’s not what You have, but what You do with it.”
For some, ego grows between legs.
When the tail is missing – ego grows in a Mercedes or Ferrari, eventually sky scrapers, yachts and eventually in “fat cash flow” (szmal).
Because with it, one can grease what squeaks (zgrzyta) here and there.
In one’s own mechanics, or in those of others.
If something gets stuck (zatrze sie) , ensure a flow of oil (“fat cash flow”) and it will get going again.
If this is impossible around his own tail, he will run after that of others.
If he eventually grabs it – he will tare it apart, lacerate, dislocate, chew and mash it, especially if it was not given freely, or if he did not succeed.
Some will rush obsessed, others go with a small pig trot.
One just stirs up the surface and rushes elsewhere – another pierces the depths.
Some “ cautionesly “, as made out of glass worried it should brake off, dry and disintegrate – others frankly, vulgar at wish.
It exists for some only with a wisper, hardly touching with finger tips – others plant deeply teeth and claws.
Certain types connect – others push against the current and can not tune in.
One consumes just about anything, another makes faces at everything.
One can digest stone – another often has indigestion.
This one licks till the last drop – that one throws away what is half consumed.
One comes in a flash of a second – the other one bits him self fast and “incrustates” himself forever.
One has a constant itch – with another the illumination comes once a year.
What to say more?
As many Gentlemen – so are many ways.
And me, like a child in front of a shelf full with various glass jars, well locked but shining like on a parade, filled with unbelievable “goodie’s”.
For some, one wants to pull in a fringe and lick, others with a tea spoon or a ladle.
Everything shines and glitters – because each one prises their own merchandize.
And there are masses of them.
As for me, I love crumble jelly and also sour cucumbers,
ice cream, mushroom in vinegar or sour milk, that the truth be known, wobbles, but is smooth in the mouth.
If it bubbles or runs over, or is like radish, harsh and hard, like ice cream or horse radish butter – I want to taste them all!!!
One sucks to the bone – the other just licks and spits out, yet another chews a moment until it looses taste.
To almost choke on one, as with a cold stream of water on an extremely hot day or else just a slight stroke, to better run off.
One has grown shell from lack of use, another warn down to “thread bare”, like old underpants. (gacie).
One blows himself up like a balloon – another one is just cross.
One shoots like a kalachnikoff – another has a delayed start.
One withers like a poppy without water – another unbreakable in extreme conditions.
Ghandi or Rasputin, Buddha or Jesus, Mohamed or Zeus – all have a “Mammy”, and which one she was, there was never much doubt.
With “Daddy”, there is always a little mist of uncertainty –as an equation with one unknown factor.
And probably that’s why Gentlemen always had a tendency to lock up their Ladies.
They seem to have somehow a problem believing that they are the best, the most extraordinary, irreplaceable creatures.
Because, may be no one is, whatever they do.
Even if for example - they stand on the head and stamp with lashes, or kick the ball…I will not tell with what…
I will not tell.
Not because it is “pas comme il faut” or it is forbidden, it’s a shame or other similar crap, but because, as we say in Poland, “someone who have it coarsely chopped with an axe under the ceiling “- (up in the attic), may take it literally.
And then what!?!
I do not want to be called a castrating witch.
And I do definitely know, I will not let myself to be squeezed again into a glass jar, may it be sour cucumbers or sweet syrup.
I have already struggled enough and too much, to get out of it.
“Tried but did not like it.”

Monday, October 12, 2009


Imitos mountain-ghost ...

Anafiotika sunset